About us

We are a german based tour operator in the Riviera Maya and would like to show you our Mexican home, have fun and explore the best places in the Mexican Caribbean with us. Our team has years of on-site experience; we visit the famous archaeological sites, we discover the limestone caves and we take you on unique excursions with professionally trained guides to ensure that we offer you only the best experiences. And you will enjoy these excursions! We are THE experts in the Riviera Maya and love to share our love and respect for the natural wonders and attractions. Choose the best excursions in the Mexican Caribbean, enjoy the trips carefully selected for a great vacation. Get started ! We can offer attractive prices thanks to our lean structures and sophisticated logistical processes. Of course, we do not compromise on quality, for every single tour, for every excursion, strict guidelines apply, which are regularly checked internally and externally. We have the best support and of course personal advice via email, WhatsApp and live chat. We would like you to recommend us to others, it is important to us to give you the best service so that we can win you as friends.

Why with us?

Because almost all other tour operators make the same promises and claim to be the first to be at the archaeological sites, hundreds of people gather in front of the entrance early in the morning. And then everyone has to wait up to an hour and a half to be let in at 8 a.m. opening time. And yes, you can be there first but why when it’s closed? Wouldn’t you rather enjoy sunrise from the balcony or the beach before you set off? 

We do not cram you into 52 passenger buses in which you are harassed by salesreps at several times on the way to the archaeological sites at avoidable tourist traps.

We don’t whip you through the excursions or press you for donations to charitable organizations or tips. We want to you to have fun!

We do not attend sales events on our excursions and are in no way part of them. The personal care of our guests, our professionalism, the unique combinations of our excursions and years of experience in the care of vacationers make us the number 1 tour operator for excursions away from mass tourism.

We avoid the rush before the opening by arriving 1 hour after the opening time when the first visitors have already been let in. Because the tour at the archaeological sites takes about 45 minutes and the professional and certified tour guides have already agreed who will take which route to show the site, there is no crowd. Relaxed start!

There are no exceptions to the admission time, there are no special deals or other agreements, not even for celebrities as some tour agents from beach or street like to claim.

The advantage of our excursions with a maximum of 20 guests per minivan is getting to know other travelers on the way to the destination or just being able to take a nap without being bothered.

We also give our guests about 45 minutes after the tour on site to set off again for their most beautiful photo ops and to explore the area for themselves.

We want you to have such a great experience with us so that you can recommend us to others. All of our trips guarantee disinfected vans and boats, new snorkels and disinfected equipment, as well as all protective measures and protocols required to ensure a safe adventure. Let’s go!

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